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CADBOT functionsand specifications:

CADEBOT: Your Comprehensive Commercial Delivery Solution Introducing CADEBOT, a multi-scene commercial delivery robot designed for efficiency and user-friendly interaction. Key Features Sturdy and Stable: Made of automotive-grade Q345 alloy steel, CADEBOT’s robust structure and L-shaped design provide stable support. Its tray, formed by high-quality ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting, can carry up to 40kg. Intelligent and Interactive: Equipped with a dual-core drive, CADEBOT offers lifelike interaction with eye-tracking technology and expressive animations. Its 270° open structure tray has built-in infrared sensors for intelligent pick-up status detection. User-friendly Design: CADEBOT supports customizable skins and a mobile advertising display for quick ad import via USB flash drive and cloud-based ad management. Advanced Technology: CADEBOT uses front-to-back LIDAR, RGBD depth cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and U-SLAM fusion positioning technology for intelligent obstacle avoidance and precise positioning. Efficient Collaboration: With built-in wireless communication (Lora) technology, CADEBOT enables efficient multi-robot collaboration and rapid deployment. Management Platform: CADEBOT comes with the CARS (Cadebot Artificial Intelligence Robot System) platform for integrated marketing material editing and operation status queries. Long Battery Life: CADEBOT automatically recharges when the battery is low, providing up to 6 hours of battery life when fully charged. Experience the convenience and efficiency of CADEBOT in various scenarios including restaurants, airports, hotels, factories, supermarkets, and retail outlets today!

Overall size




Working Time/Charging Time


Movement Speed

Max 0.3~ 1.0m/s


3 layers

Max Loading Capacity



21.5 inches

Max Climb Capability

5 degrees

Diverse Scenario

Wine rack, glass holder, dust cover, and physical call button Customizable and easy installation

A Variety of Accessories Meeting Needs of Diverse Scenario Wine rack, glass holder, dust cover, and physical call button Customizable and easy installation

Customizable Skins

Customized skins based on holiday themes, marketing campaigns, or brand images.

 chinese new year
Customizable Skins Travel
Customizable Skins Sports robot

Culture Theme

Holiday Theme

Sports Theme

Mobile Advertising Display

Supports customized marketing materials
Supports quick import of advertisements via USB flash drive
Supports cloud-based advertisement management
Various materials support 4 major service modes

➤ Guests welcoming
➤ Smart escorting
➤ Cruising & Advertising
➤ Birthday mode

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