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city escooter


$500 USD.

Price without shipping

CITY LUXURY E-Scooterfunctions and specifications:

Say goodbye to the hassles of traffic and parking with the revolutionary City Escooter. This electric scooter is designed to redefine urban mobility, offering a seamless and eco-friendly solution for all your commuting needs. At the heart of the City Escooter is a powerful, detachable lithium-ion battery that provides an impressive range of 65-100 km on a single charge. Thanks to its integrated, safe, and user-friendly design, you can easily remove and recharge the battery, ensuring you're always ready to hit the road. Engineered for maximum versatility, the City Escooter offers three distinct riding modes to cater to your every need. Switch between Pedestrian, Standard, and Sport modes to tackle different terrain and road conditions with ease. Whether you're navigating through crowded city streets or tackling steep hills, this electric scooter delivers unparalleled power and performance. Folding in seconds, the City Escooter is incredibly portable and convenient. Easily store it in your car, bring it into the office, or take it home - this scooter adapts to your lifestyle with effortless grace. Its compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect companion for your urban adventures. With a top speed of 40 km/h and a climbing ability of up to 25 degrees, the City Escooter is a true powerhouse in the electric scooter field. Conquer steep roads, uneven terrain, and sandy surfaces with the confidence of a robust 500W or 550W motor that delivers SUV-level performance. Combining style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology, the City Escooter is the ultimate solution for eco-conscious, convenient, and efficient urban mobility. Experience the freedom and flexibility of this remarkable electric scooter and revolutionize the way you navigate the city. Get your City Escooter today and unlock a new level of urban exploration!

city e-scooter black
city e-scooter orange
city e-scooter
city e-scooter white

Power lithium battery

Integrated design, safter/detachable
and easy to prolong your riding distance.

Lift up the battery strap vertically
and take it out.

city e-scooter bateery

Gently turn the two quick-release screws, then remove the battery.

city e-scooter battery removale
city e-scooter 6 protections

High-definition LED large screen display

Three riding modes, Switch as you like
Pedestrian mode 
Standard mode and Sport mode 

Off road  E-Scooter screen
city e-scooter power

Press type acceleration

Folding in seconds

Take it home, take it to work, and put it in the car with ease.

Folding Automatic Lock 

3 seconds quick folding

city e-scooter folding 3 seconds
city e-scooter folded

Climbing Angle

Instantly, feeling the powerful motor when you press the accelerator SUV power in
an electric scooter field, an electric scooter is capable to be faster on the
steep road, hilly road, uneven road and sandy road

city e-scooter climbing
city e-scooter size



Net weight


Frame materials

Magnesium alloy



Battery capacity

48V/18.2Ah lithium battery

Max speed


 Waterproof level 


Power assist range


Max Climb Capability

25° degrees

city e-scooter size

Charging time


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