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Experience the Future with RoboServ-Solutions: Celebrating Our Latest Robot in France!

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Exciting news from RoboServ-Solutions! We’re thrilled to share our latest success story from the Grand Aigle, an Asian buffet restaurant in Granville.

Meet Émilie, the newest member of the Grand Aigle team. Émilie is not your average server - she’s a robot! With her charming digital smile and cat-like eyes, Émilie has quickly won over the hearts of customers, especially the children.

Émilie was brought on board not to replace human servers, but to add a touch of innovation and joy to the dining experience. She’s been programmed with a precise layout of the restaurant and can deliver drinks to tables with ease and accuracy. Equipped with motion sensors and cameras, Émilie can navigate her way around obstacles and complete four to five services autonomously.

This is just one example of how RoboServ-Solutions’ robots can enhance your business. Whether you’re in the restaurant industry or the hotel sector, our robots are designed to bring efficiency, precision, and a bit of fun to your operations.

Interested in learning more about our products? Feel free to drop us a message or leave a comment below. We’d love to help you find the perfect robotic solution for your needs. A Granville, un petit robot fait le service dans un restaurant (ouest-france.fr)

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