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 Lele AI reception robot

LeleAI Reception


Discover Lele, the AI reception robot that revolutionizes visitor experiences. Lele ensures efficient screening without physical contact. Engage effortlessly through voice recognition, enabling seamless interaction and instant information retrieval. Empower your communication with Lele's dual-screen display, broadcasting announcements, advertisements, and promotions. With exceptional access management capabilities, Lele verifies visitor identities using face recognition, invitation codes, or IC card verification, maintaining robust security records. Seeking assistance? Lele's service consultation offers personalized recommendations and guidance, enhancing visitor satisfaction. Simplify appointment-based visits through integrated face and invitation code verification, streamlining registration and improving access control. Lele's dual-screen advertising display delivers captivating promotional content. Manage ads remotely, targeting specific audiences in real-time. Leverage collected data for insights on visitor interactions and advertising performance. Operate and manage Lele effortlessly through a centralized control system. Adaptability makes Lele ideal for diverse environments, including offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, exhibition halls, and shopping malls. Tailor services to meet specific needs and elevate your establishment. Experience the future of reception with Lele.

Six Business Scenes

 Lele AI reception robot 6 SCENES/SCENARIOS

Universal Capability

 Lele AI reception robot FEATURES

universal capability

Product Appearance

Lele Reception

Infrared temperature 

 Status light

15.6 inch
touch screen

card reader

27" display

Face recognition camera

Mic x 4

QR code

Status light

On/off button

Maintenance cover

Maintenance cover

Power interface

Overall size

500 mm×596 mm×1446




4-Microphones Distance: Within 3m



Temperature measuring

Distance: 0.3m~0.9m; Accuracy: ±0.3

Net weight


Touch screen

15.6 inch,  
Resolution: 1920×1080

Display screen

27-inch; resolution: 1080×1920

 Lele AI reception robot
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