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ALGO functions andspecifications:

Meet ALGO, a versatile robot revolutionizing industries from hospitality to recycling. Controlled via an app, ALGO multitasks efficiently, eliminating extra modules. Applications Restaurants: Improves service by delivering food, clearing tables, and celebrating birthdays. Delivery: Navigates obstacles for swift, safe deliveries. Recycling: Automates sorting and transport of recyclables. Reception: Welcomes visitors with guidance and information. Marketing: Engages customers with interactive ads on its screen. Features Display: 15.6-inch screen for dynamic ads. Versatility: Adapts to various settings. Stability: Operates smoothly and quietly. Power: Self-recharging, safe battery use, and automatic battery replacement. Navigation: Precise LDS SLAM+VSLAM Navigation. Safety: Intelligent obstacle avoidance and security features. Languages: Supports multiple languages. Capacity : Carries up to 60kg across four layers. Conclusion ALGO is more than a robot. It’s a solution enhancing business efficiency, customer experience, and brand reputation. Join the automation revolution with ALGO – contact us today!

robot app control

Call the robot to the designated location through the APP, and support multiple mobile phones to call at the same time

Ready-to-use without any additional calling modules Efficient and fast

robot part

Set the minimum power threshold, when the robot power is lower than this value, the robot will automatically return to charging without manual intervention.

Optional multiple batteries,

24h uninterrupted work

Auto Charging

Manual battery replacement function

Voice Broadcast
Broadcast location, customized broadcast content, cruise marketing content broadcast, etc., supporting more than 10 languages.

Voice Control To Perform Tasks

Start charging, start tasks, go to the production point...


Go Back and Charge

Hello Master

Please pick up food from the second floor~

I hurry up

robot function

Application Field



Shopping Mall




Turn light

10.1' operate screen

3D camera

15.6' AD screen

Laser lidar

3D camera

Anti-collision switch



Emergency button

Switch button

Turn light

Tray light

Detachable tray

Battery door

Auto charging

Overall size




Working Time/Charging Time


Movement parameters

LDS SLAM+VSLAM navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance; climbing:5°


4 layers

Minimum Through Width:



>15.6  inches

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