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security patrol robot

security patrol

security patrolfunctions and specifications:

Introducing Information Display: Unleash the Power of Intelligent Security Revolutionize your security measures with our cutting-edge Information Display system. Designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, such as stadiums, industrial parks, schools, and hospitals, our solution offers unparalleled functionality and reliability. Equipped with the advanced Robot Management System (RMS), our Information Display combines state-of-the-art technology with seamless integration capabilities. From robot status management to real-time monitoring and intelligent data analysis, our system empowers you with comprehensive control over your security operations. The Information Display excels in its ability to patrol and guard your premises effectively. With 360-degree monitoring and 4-ways HD night vision cameras, it ensures that no blind spots go unnoticed. Autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous positioning, and maximum obstacle clearance of 6cm enable smooth navigation in any environment. Taking security to the next level, our face recognition technology provides multi-channel concurrent comparison, allowing for efficient face defense control. Additionally, the system supports vehicle license plate recognition, pedestrian detection, and specific abnormal data collection, enhancing your ability to identify potential threats. Our Information Display goes beyond security, offering remote disposal, warning, and deterrence capabilities. With features such as audible and visual alarms, remote call prompts, and one-click call for help, you can respond swiftly to any situation. The system also facilitates audio and video intercom, announcement broadcasts, and advertising, enabling effective communication and engagement. Harness the power of real-time data with our cloud integration. By transmitting and analyzing daily collected data, you gain actionable insights to optimize your security strategies and make informed decisions. Upgrade your security infrastructure with Information Display and experience a new era of intelligent security. Trust in our advanced technology and comprehensive features to safeguard your valuable assets. Contact us today to transform your security operations and embrace a safer future.

Patrol and Guard

security patrol robot features

Application cases

Stadiums, industrial parks, factories, police station, exhibitions, real estates, schools, hospitals, supermarket, hotel etc..

security patrol robot features
security patrol robot features
security patrol robot features
security patrol robot features

Intelligent detection

• Face recognition
• Vehicle license plate recognition
• Pedestrian detection
• Specific abnormal data collection

security patrol robot features
security patrol robot features

Monitoring and early warning

24-hour uninterrupted patrol

• Equipped with thermal imaging camera • Equipped with various sensors
• Heat source monitoring
• Temperature and humidity monitoring
• Smoke monitoring
• Automatic early warning to reduce potential safety hazar

security patrol robot features

• 360-degree monitoring without blind angle • 4-ways HD night vision cameras (Front, back and the two sides) Automatic video storage • Historical video backtra

security patrol robot features

Data Analysis

According to the daily collected data, it is transmitted to the cloud in real time, and analyzed and integrated,

The data list is automatically generated for easy viewing.

security patrol robot features

Support remote control of multiple device.

• Audible and visual alarm • Remote call

• Prompts & warnings

• One-click call for help • Field evidence collection

• Audio and video intercom

security patrol robot features

Patrol broadcasting and guided visit

Announcement broadcast

• Voice prompts

• Guide

• Voice interaction • Advertising

security patrol robot features
security patrol robot parameters
security patrol robot parameters
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