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Off road electric bike

Off roadelectric bike

$620 USD.

Price without shipping

Off road electric bikefunctions andspecifications:

Experience the thrill of off-road biking with our state-of-the-art electric bike. Equipped with a front and rear dual disc brake system and E-ABS electronic brake, it ensures sensitive and safer braking. The high-power 750W brushless DC motor provides great power right from the start, enhancing the bike’s ability to cross obstacles. With three built-in riding modes - electric, assistant, and manpower mode, you can easily switch according to your preference. The bike also features a super bright LED night lighting system for safe night-time rides. Its closed design supports water washing, making it ideal for water and mountain roads. The large screen smart display provides real-time visibility of speed, power, gear, and total mileage. Enjoy a smooth ride with the front double-tube shock spring system and aluminum shoulder lockable fork shock. Plus, its foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. Experience the future of biking with us!

Off road electric bike  parameters
Off road electric bike  parameters
Off road electric bike
Off road electric bike

3 Riding Modes

Off road electric bike 3 modes

Removable and replaceable lithium battery

Waterproof and anti-theft, equipped with battery lock, high power supply, safe and durable performance.

Off road electric bike removal batery

Detachable battery

6 batteries intelligent protection management system

Off road electric bike  smart battery
Off road electric bike  features
Off road electric bike  parameters

Net weight


Frame materials

Aluminum alloy



Battery capacity

12.75Ah/612Wh Li-ion battery

Max speed


Pure electric range


Max Climb Capability

25° degrees

Power assist range


Riding mode

Cycling/Hall power/Electric

Charging time


Off road electric bike  parameters

Open size
1650 X 670 X 1170mm

Folding size
1650 X 350 X 880mm

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