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Off road  E-Scooter

Off roadE-Scooter

$600 USD.

Price without shipping

Off road E-Scooterfunctions and specifications:

The Off-road KING of E-SCOOTERS. Get ready for an extraordinary driving experience on this powerful personal mobility device. With a remarkable 100km ultra-long driving range and dual 1200W*2 motor drive, it delivers unparalleled performance. The streamlined body boasts a minimalist design, combining heritage and innovation with its sturdy aluminum alloy frame. Equipped with front and rear motor drive, it offers symmetrical design and a chassis comparable to luxury cars. Traverse mountains and savor the breathtaking scenery with confidence. The ultra-wide off-road vacuum tires, aerodynamic hub, and super soft shock-absorbing tires ensure a strong grip and upgraded comfort. Experience exceptional speed and performance, surpassing your expectations. Its waterproof grade IPX4 allows for swift driving and easy climbing. Enjoy the luxury SUV high-chassis design, offering both sportiness and comfort with responsive and precise control.

Off road  E-Scooter features
Off road  E-Scooter colors
Off road  E-Scooter colors
Off road  E-Scooter colors
Off road  E-Scooter

Power lithium battery

Integrated design, safter/detachable
and easy to prolong your riding distance.

Off road  E-Scooter battery
Off road  E-Scooter battery

High-definition LED large screen display

Intelligent multi-function equipment,
easy to control

Off road  E-Scooter screen

Folding in seconds

Take it home, take it to work, and put it in the car with ease.

Off road  E-Scooter easy folding

Folding buckle handle

3 seconds quick folding

LED Lights/ Spring Damping

Off road  E-Scooter battery LED

Front bright LED headlights, easy to drive at night

Rear taillights illuminate to alert vehicles and pedestrians behind

Front spring damping system

Rear dual spring damping system


Net weight


Frame materials

Aluminum alloy



Battery capacity

48V/18.2Ah lithium battery

Max speed


 Waterproof level 


Power assist range


Max Climb Capability

30° degrees

Charging time


Off road  E-Scooter
Off road  E-Scooter parameters
Off road  E-Scooter parameters
Off road  E-Scooter
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