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Lucky Leopard


LUCKY LEOPARD functionsand specifications:

Lucky Leopard Robot: Your Ultimate Delivery Solution Meet Lucky Leopard Robot, designed to enhance service quality and customer safety. Key Features Efficient Delivery: Delivers 3X more efficiently for smooth operations. Customer Satisfaction: Impressive 97% satisfaction rate. Hygienic Delivery: Ensures up to 80% airtightness for hygienic deliveries. Accurate Navigation: Excellent 3D depth detection for steady, accurate navigation. Advanced SLAM Solution: Recognizes location markers for precise navigation. Team Work: Enables efficient multi-robot cooperation. Clear Communication: 6-microphone ring array for accurate pickup and clear tone. Large Tray: Wide-open tray with a 40kg capacity. Visual Indicators: Color-changing indicator tape for clear status updates. Stable Chassis: Solid and balanced with a radar sensing system. Versatile Modes: Operates in various modes for specific tasks. Experience the future of efficient and hygienic delivery services with Lucky Leopard Robot!

Lucky Leopard is a highly efficient delivery robot that enhances customer psychological safety, perceived value, and the quality of hospitality services. Customers will value Lucky Leopard’s hygienic delivery capabilities.

Overall size


Total Weight


Screen size

10.1-inch touch screen 

Carrying space

4 layers adjustable

Load capacity


Working hours


Interactive mode

Support face recognition,
voice interaction,
touch screen interaction

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