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MARS delivery robots

MARS Delivery

MARS functionsand specifications:

This Robot is an innovative and versatile robotic solution designed for delivery, promotion, and hospitality tasks. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this robot provides smart and efficient solutions for various industries. Large HD Screen: Equipped with a spacious high-definition screen, the Smart Tray Robot serves multiple purposes. It delivers engaging content, promotes products or services, and provides hospitality information. Whether it’s captivating images, informative videos, or dynamic GIFs, the screen ensures effective communication with users. Independent Suspension: Stable movement across different terrains is guaranteed. The robot’s independent suspension system allows it to navigate with ease, whether it’s gliding across restaurant floors, hotel lobbies, or conference halls. Four Large Smart Trays: Efficiency at its best! The robot operates independently, efficiently shuttling items from one point to another. Whether it’s delivering meals, promotional materials, or office supplies, the trays ensure seamless service. 3D Obstacle Avoidance System: No blind spots here! The robot scans its surroundings, identifying potential obstacles and adjusting its path accordingly. Safety is paramount, allowing smooth movement without collisions. Versatile Delivery Modes: Adaptability matters. The Smart Tray Robot offers five delivery modes, suitable for scenarios in restaurants, hotels, conferences, factories, and office buildings. Efficiency meets versatility. Smart IoT Connection: Seamlessly connected. The robot’s smart IoT system enables remote calling and dynamic table location. Need assistance? Just summon the robot. Want it to find a specific table? It’s on the case. Convenience meets efficiency. Cutting-Edge Features: 360° Flexible Obstacle Avoidance: The up-and-down RGBD cameras ensure a comprehensive view. The robot maneuvers confidently, avoiding obstacles even in complex environments. High-Resolution Marketing Display: Showcase delectable dishes, exclusive offers, or event highlights. The large HD screen captures attention effectively. Ultra-High Precision LiDAR System: Safety first! Detect obstacles with pinpoint accuracy in a 360° range.

Overall size

58*49*129 (cm)



Working Time/Charging Time

10h/ 3h

Movement Speed



4 layers

Max Loading Capacity



Operational screen:
10.1 inch, 1280*720
Display screen:
15.6 inch, 1920*1080

Max Climb Capability

10° degrees

MARS delivery robots  features
MARS delivery smart robots

Smart IoT System

Automatic take lift, pass through auto gate and door
Robot calling system
Smart table locator system

Smart Tray

Smart payload sensor, improve delivery efficiency
AI light belt reminder
Flexible and adjustable trays

Independent Suspension

Powerful LiDAR

Large HD Screen

3D Obstacle Avoidance

360° detection Ultra far range,
ultra high precision

Large size, max resolution, ultra high definition
Display your marketing AD

Up and down RGBD cameras No blind spot, 360° flexible obstacle avoidance

Car-grade independentsuspension of chassis
Flexible adjustment, effective damping

MARS delivery robots smart marketing and applications

Ultra-Large HD Screen Smart  Marketing

  •  HD dpi 1920*1080

  • Picture/video/GIF/Music, various format support

  • 15.6 inch

  • Fixed time/festival/birthday, flexible time setting

  •  Robot/phone/PC end resource management

Remote Call


Smart Locator

  • Wireless waiter calling system (optional)

  • Smart table tracker and calling system (optional)

  •  Plate collection, remote calling

  • Cross-floor and cross-area delivery

MARS delivery robots remote call and remote locator
Remote Call  &  Smart Locator
Remote Call  &  Smart Locator
MARS delivery robots 4 trays

4 trays Ultra Large Volume and Payload

  • 4 trays design, more tasks handled simultaneously

  • Detachable trays, free combination of spaces, larger transport capacity

  •  Multi-point delivery and more powerful functions

1 layer load: 10KG

1 layer volume: 12L

MARS delivery robots smart tray

Smart Tray

  • Infrared sensor tray (optional)

  • Modular detachable structure

  • Smart light belt, multiple

      lighting indication modes

 MARS Delivery scenarios

Smart Locator
Remote Call 

  •  Plate collection, remote calling

  • Wireless waiter calling system (optional)

  • Smart table tracker and calling system (optiona

  • Cross-floor and cross-area delivery

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