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P2 Telepresence

P2 functions andspecifications:

P2 Telepresence: Your Personal Robotic Assistant Meet PadBot P2, a robot designed to make your life easier with its advanced features: Remote Control: Control the P2’s movements with the PadBot App. It can move forward, backward, and turn around at variable speeds. Customized Q&A: Load product information into the P2 for it to answer questions and display pictures. Real-time Video Chat: Stay connected with family or participate in meetings from anywhere with the PadBot App’s real-time video chat feature. Automatic Charging: The P2 automatically finds its charging dock when the battery level drops below 10%. Auto Answering: Authorize an auto-answer account to control the PadBot remotely without any human intervention. Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance: The P2’s anti-collision system ensures safety by automatically stopping when it encounters obstacles.

lower part


Metallic Appearance
More Sense of Technology

full robot


Foldable Body
Convenient to Pack & Carry

upper part


Height increase
Effectively Enhance User

every side P2 TELEPRESENCE

Video Chat

Remote Control

Auto Charging

Auto Answer

Remote Control

With remote function in PadBot App. You can control PadBot to move forward, move backward, and turn around at a shiftable moving speed.

Customized Q&A

By loading product information into P2, it will be able to answer questions and display pictures. P2 will master the information instantly after configured.

Real-time Video Chat

With the remote function in the PadBot App, Real-time video chat enables the user to have face-to-face video communication. Users can accompany the family or join meetings anytime wherever they are.

Automatic Charging

The robot will find changing dock auto when the battery is lower than 10%.

Auto Answering

As long as you authorize the auto-answer account, you can control PadBot
remotely without human intervention.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

The robot's anti-collision system, when the robot encounters obstacles, will automatically stop, effectively protecting the safety of users and the environment.


Microphone Array

4G Enable

Automatic Charging System

10" HD  Screen

Metal Appearance

Autonomous Obstade
Avoidance System

Size (W*H*L)




Screen Size

10 inch

Battery Capacity


Charing Time


Running Time


Auto Charging


Blue Background

Hospital Patient Escort

Businessman Using Laptop

Business Teleconferencing


Family Accompanying

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