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BR390 functions andspecifications:

Reception Service Robot by Roboserv - a state-of-the-art solution designed to enhance customer service and security in various environments.

BR390: Revolutionizing Customer Service and Security Introducing BR390, a state-of-the-art solution by Roboserv designed to transform customer service and security across various environments. Key Features Personalized Greetings: With face recognition, BR390 identifies visitors and offers a personalized greeting, creating a memorable first impression. Intelligent Consultation: BR390, equipped with a natural language system, can chat with users and provide information on a wide range of topics. Customized Services: BR390 offers a customized cruise route with multilingual follow-up explanation service. Large Screen Display: Features a dual-screen design with an ultra-clear 18.5-inch large screen for videos, pictures, and other advertising modes. Security Patrol: Performs real-time face comparison to identify problem personnel, enhancing security. Efficient Introduction: BR390 can spread the corporate image or introduce products while walking along a set route. Experience the future of customer service and security with BR390!

Automatic identification of visitors

Face recognition 

 Give visitors the first impression of intelligent service

Overall size


Moving Speed:





< 5°

Battery Life:


Screen Size: Operation screen:

13.3 inch touch screen


Rear Camera

The Speaker

Open The Key

Leaser Radar

Charging Pad


The Operating Panel

Scram Button

Depth Camera

Ultrasonic transducer

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