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S2 Security

S2 SECURITY functionsand specifications:

S2: Revolutionizing Security and Navigation Introducing S2, an advanced robot designed to redefine the standards of security and navigation. With its state-of-the-art features, S2 is set to transform how we perceive indoor navigation and security. Key Features Large Area Auto Navigation: S2 is equipped with a laser navigation system that builds precise indoor maps. This feature makes it an ideal choice for large spaces like shopping malls and factory patrols. It dynamically perceives its surroundings and programs the most efficient path, ensuring smooth and swift operations. Timed Autonomous Tasks: S2 is capable of setting patrol tasks based on specific requirements. Once a task is completed, it autonomously returns to its charging dock, ensuring continuous operation without manual intervention. AI Visual Identity: S2’s built-in AI visual identity system is designed to quickly recognize human bodies, faces, smoke, and fire. Upon detection, it triggers automatic alarms, enhancing the safety and security of your premises. Security Patrols: S2 takes security to the next level. It conducts regular patrols, controls gates, identifies potential threats, and notifies the manager via app, SMS, or phone. This proactive approach ensures a secure environment. Experience the future of advanced navigation and security with S2. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology make it a valuable addition to any establishment seeking to enhance efficiency and safety. Step into the future with S2!

Large Area Auto Navigation

With laser navigation system, S2 can build an indoor map with precise positioning. And it can perceive surroundings dynamically then program a better path, can be used in shopping mall and factory patrol.

Timed Autonomous Tasks

Timed Autonomous Tasks
S2 can precisely locate destination and set patrol
tasks as required. After task finished, it will back to
charging dock automatically to do recharge.

Al Visual Identity

Inbuilt Al visual identity system enables S2 to quickly recognize human body, face, smoke and fire, then alarming automatically.

s2 robot functions

Security Robot

Make regular patrols
Take the elevator


Gate control

Arrive at the designated place

Return to charging point

Notify the manager through mobile app, SMS or phone (optional).

Identify human body, smoke and fire

Overall size

65cm x 70cm x 67cm

Moving Speed:

Navigation Speed: 0.7m/s, Max Manual Speed: 0.88m/s

Running Time:


Charging Time:


Head Moving Range:

To left: 90°, to right: 90°; To up: 30°, to down: 15°

Visible Light Surveillance:

Definition: 1080p; Focal distance: 2.8mm; Field angle: 121°; Video streaming format protocol: RTMP

Thermal Imaging Surveillance:

Focal distance: 2.9mm; Field angle: 121°; Temperature range: 5°C~150°CInteract with: Entrance Guard, Gate Machine

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