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this is a robot


Our Design Studio team will work with you to customize the shell of your robot to match your brand or decor theme.

BellaBot functions andspecifications:

BellaBot: Your Premium Delivery Robot BellaBot, a top-tier delivery robot, offers a unique food delivery experience with its innovative design and enhanced human-robot interaction. Key Features 3D Perception : Equipped with a B3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor and cameras for 3D perception. Sturdy Build : Made of ABS Industrial Plastic & Aviation Grade Al-Alloy for stability and durability. Advanced Lidar : Features customized lidar for precise detection. Real-Time Navigation : Infrared camera provides real-time V-SLAM positioning and navigation. Smooth Operation : Auto-level independent linkage suspension system for efficient bump avoidance. Safe Delivery : Enclosed dish cover for contactless delivery and safer service. Specifications Quick-release battery : Ensures continuous operation. Charging time : 4.5H Battery Life : 12-24H (Replaceable Battery) Location positioning : Supports both Marker Positioning and Laser Positioning. Perception : Detects objects as small as 35mm50mm100mm. Dispatching : Can dispatch up to 20 robots of the same version simultaneously. Safety : Adjustable speed between 0.5-1.2m/s. Why Choose BellaBot? Power Exchange Technology : Quick battery replacement for round-the-clock operation. Intelligent Lattice Screen : Customizable screen for table numbers, instructions, blessings, etc. Dual SLAM Navigation : Supports Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM for excellent user experience.

3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

The RGBD on BellaBot's neck and two sets of cameras on its chassis provide BellaBot with 3D perception.

ABS Industrial Plastic &
Aviation Grade Al-Alloy

Structurally stable, oxidation-resistant, and

Latest Lidar

Customized lidar with more accurate

Machine dimension:

565*537*1290 mm

Tray size

4-layers tray, with heights of 230/200/200/180mm from top to bottom

Load capacity:

Max 40kg, 10kg/layer

Robot weight:


Battery capacity:


Charging time:


Battery Life

12-24H (Replaceable Battery)


Speed is adjustable between 0.5-1.2m/s


Visual Camera

Our Design Studio team will work with you to customize the shell of your robot to match your brand or decor theme.

Infrared Induction Tray

4* induction trays which intelligently perceives the tray's load, and ensures higher efficiency of distribution.

Independent Suspension

Auto-level independent linkage suspension system with high-efficiency on bump avoidance.

Intelligent Induction Tray

Multimodal Interaction

Power Exchange Technology

Intelligent Lattice Screen

robot delivery

Perceive the tray's load to
ensure more efficient delivery.
Modular structure for quick disassembly and easier cleanup 

Light interaction, touch
feedback, and smart expression allow for unprecedented human- robot interaction.

Industry's first power exchange technology
Enable to quickly replaced to keep the robot running around the clock.

A lattice screen on BellaBot's back Allowing to customize the table numbers, instructions, blessings, and other texts to customer needs.

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