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Introducing CADEBOT, a state-of-the-art, multi-scene comprehensive commercial delivery robot designe

 CADEBOT offers a robust structure. Its L-shaped design provides stable support and is adaptable to various scenarios. The tray, formed by high-quality ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting, can carry a maximum load of 40kg.

Equipped with a dual-core drive, CADEBOT doubles the intelligence. It features industry-leading eye-tracking technology and dozens of expressive animations for lifelike interaction. The 270° open structure tray has built-in infrared sensors for intelligent detection of pick-up status, enhancing the delivery experience.

CADEBOT’s design is focused on user-friendliness. The lighting of the tray minimizes the risk of errors, and the robot supports customizable skins based on holiday themes, marketing campaigns, or brand images. It also has a mobile advertising display that supports quick import of advertisements via USB flash drive and cloud-based advertisement management.

CADEBOT is equipped with front-to-back LIDAR, RGBD depth cameras, and ultrasonic sensors for comprehensive intelligent obstacle avoidance. It uses U-SLAM fusion positioning technology, mainly using laser SLAM for positioning, with top-view QR code positioning as a supplementary method.

With built-in wireless communication (Lora) technology, CADEBOT supports real-time communication between multiple devices in offline mode, enabling efficient multi-robot collaboration. It also features rapid deployment and multi-device sharing capabilities.

CADEBOT comes with the CARS (Cadebot Artificial Intelligence Robot System) robot management platform, which integrates functions like marketing material editing and operation status queries.

CADEBOT is designed for efficiency. It can automatically recharge when the battery is low, providing up to 6 hours of battery life when fully charged. Even while charging, CADEBOT can continue to welcome guests, ensuring uninterrupted service.

CADEBOT is versatile and can be used in various scenarios including restaurants, airports, hotels, factories, supermarkets, and retail outlets.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of CADEBOT in your business today.

Have questions about CADEBOT? Feel free to ask Roboserv.

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