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Bellabot: Your Helpful Robot Waiter for Happy Dining

Bellabot, your new robot waiter. It's super easy to set up and helps your restaurant run smoothly. The robot has a friendly touch screen and talks to customers and your team.

A helpful robot named bellabot BL101 designed to enhance your dining experience.

Simple Setup Bellabot

No more complicated installations. Bellabot is easy to put in your restaurant without any trouble.

Smart Moving

Bellabot-BL101 has smart cameras that quickly learn the restaurant layout. It knows where the tables are and can move around without any problems.

Many Jobs

The robot can do lots of different jobs. It can carry food from the kitchen to tables, welcome guests and take them to their seats, or move around at events. It's like a helpful friend in your restaurant.

Strong Trays

Bellabot-BL101 has four trays that can carry up to 10 kg each. This means it can bring your food and drinks without any issues. It knows when something is taken from the trays, so it always delivers the right orders.

Safe and Fun 

The robot is designed to be safe. It has special padding to stop drinks from spilling, and it can avoid obstacles. It also has different modes, like delivering a surprise for birthdays with music.

Cool Features Bellabot

Bellabot can do a lot of fun things. It can bring food to tables, welcome guests, walk around in a circle, or even make birthdays special. It's like having a robot friend in your restaurant.

So, with Bellabot, your restaurant can be even better. It does the hard work, and you can focus on making your customers happy. Welcome to the future of dining with Bellabot.

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